Saturday 4 January 2020 was inaugurated in the exhibition rooms of the Irpino Museum in Avellino, Una vita, an anthological exhibition by the Tuscan artist Franca Pisani. A prominent representative of the stylistic renewal of the seventies, Pisani has received awards in the highest institutions of international art: from the Venice Biennale to the Uffizi in Florence to the Center Pompidou in Paris in the “Center de Creation Industrielle” section.

The exhibition, Franca Pisani “UNA VITA”, organized by the MV Eventi of Vicenza and curated by Matteo Vanzan with the artistic coordination of Raffaele De Felice, is a journey of over 40 works that, from the first conceptual research of the seventies, will reach the days our. “In Franca Pisani”, says the curator of the exhibition Matteo Vanzan “” the investigation of the world takes place through painting, sculpture, installation and any expressive means that allows it to express its intimate rebirth in the devotional action of the one who sees in the soft plots the solid roads of one’s existence on canvas ”. A life for Art and Art for a whole life show us an artist with an inexhaustible creativity through her stylistic cycles: the Scrolls, the Bestiary, the Portraits, the Teleri and the Passages, her definitive sign-stylistic maturity, with an expressive research that goes up to the present day with Lyon silk, extremely precious material and used for the restoration of frescoes and ancient paintings. The silk is shaped and transformed by Pisani into a free territory with an ancient flavor hosting the purest color, the natural evolution of a soul that turns to color. “A life”, concludes Vanzan “will be the story of the exciting journey of this incredible artist through Italy of turmoil and relaxation with the language of a universal work of art; a life that speaks of breaks and restarts, closings and openings to reach the definitive rebirth of a multifaceted and complete artist “. All the works on display therefore want to lead us through imperceptible patterns and surprising insights to put Franca Pisani’s sensitive and pulsating soul into our hands.