Phase 2 How to access the museum

When can I go to the museum?

Access to the Irpino Museum is allowed, from Monday to Saturday at:

8.30 am – 1.30 pm

3.30 pm – 7.30 pm

upon reservation, starting from 25 May 2020.

Access is allowed at:

  • the monumental complex Bourbon prison individually or for groups of maximum 10 people from the same family or relatives;
  • the Palace of Culture individually or for groups of maximum 3 people from the same family or relatives;

How do I book?

By sending an email to our email address or by calling our numbers 0825 790733/734, at least 24 hours before.

To book, it is necessary to fill in the visit booking form.

It is important to wait for confirmation since submitting the request does not involve automatic booking.

We inform you that the data sent, given the emergency period, will be treated as established by the privacy policy, or stored in a special folder on a personal computer for a month. After this period the data will be deleted.

Files to download:

Booking form

Privacy disclaimer

To ask for information?

For information, contact our museum staff exclusively on 0825 790733/734 or at the email

At this time, access to the museum is prohibited to request information.

Behavioral rules for access

Anyone who accesses the Irpino Museum (Bourbon Prison Museum Complex and / or Palace of Culture) must wear a surgical mask or other respiratory protection device

At the entrance of the museum you need:

  • clean hands with disinfectant gel;
  • measure your body temperature using the automatic infrared wall meter or the manual infrared meter;
  • show your identity document;
  • sign the visitor register.

During the visit, the reserved subjects must scrupulously comply with the rules of general behavior for preventing the spread of the COVID 19 epidemic, circulated within the Museum with the respiratory protection device, respecting safely the greatest possible social distancing and in any case not less than a meter (do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands – cover your mouth and nose, in case of sneezing or coughing, with disposable handkerchiefs or elbow crease – frequently wash your hands properly and sanitize them with the appropriate gels located in common areas).


Free entry


Tel. +39 0825 790 733 | 539


Booking of guided tours and educational workshops *

Service temporarily not active



Participants: max 30 people
Archaeological section 1 hour
Crib section 20 minutes
Risorgimento section, including the former prison facility, about 1 hour
Art gallery section, including a former prison facility about 1 hour
Scientific section, including a former prison facility, about 45 minutes
Section “Irpinia, memory and evolution” including former prison structure 1.30 hour approximately
Lapidary section including former prison facility about 30 minutes now

Booking: mandatory
0825 790733

The guided tour allows you to have a brief overview and a basic knowledge of the themes that develop within the extemporaneous sections and focuses encouraged by the operator who stimulates questions and interaction.


For children aged 5 to 12 years
Participants: Groups of up to 30 people
Duration: 1 hour after the visit to the selected section
A specialized employee will tell the story of the section in narrative and anecdotal form and illustrate the main works contained in it, favoring the participation and interaction of children. At the end of the course in a special space (educational room) the children will confirm the acquired knowledge, thus consolidating their first approach to the collections.
Booking: mandatory
0825 790734

Information for the visitor

Photos and movies
Photographs can be photographed for private use, without flashes, tripods and telescopic rods.
Professional photos must be authorized by the Museum Management.

In the Museum, in both locations, all the architectural barriers that could limit the possibility of autonomous movement by visitors with motor disabilities have been eliminated. Ramps and elevators therefore allow full and free use of museum spaces for all visitors.

Museum services
Infopoint Reception, information and reservations, audio guides and teaching

The info point, at the Monumental Complex of the Bourbon Prison, is located on the ground floor, in the reception hall of the Museum, entering on the left of the pedestrian entrance of Piazza Alfredo De Marsico.

The info point, at the Palazzo della Cultura, is located on the ground floor, in the reception hall of the Museum, entering from the main entrance.

Auditorium Hall

The Auditorium room is located on the ground floor, entering to the right of the pedestrian entrance of Piazza Alfredo De Marsico.


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