At the Carcere Borbonico the exhibition “Groove” by Francesco Cocco

The IRPINO MUSEUM, Monumental Bourbon Prison Complex of Avellino (Piazza Alfredo De Marsico) hosts, with inauguration on Friday 11 October at 6 pm, the exhibition of Francesco Cocco entitled “Groove”, curated by Gerardo Fiore, critical presentation of Ernesto Forcellino.

The initiative, sponsored by the Province of Avellino, is organized and promoted by the CONTEMPORARY Association and by MONTOROCONTEMPORANEA, the exhibition born in Montoro (AV) in 2015 from an idea by Gerardo Fiore, current Director. The program proposes from year to year a series of personal exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography of artists of recognized career who have distinguished themselves on the national scene, and who intend to donate their own contribution to the growth of the community towards the languages ​​of Contemporary Art. A partnership with the Irpino Museum began in 2018, which houses some of the exhibition projects already presented in Borgo di Montoro, at the Monumental Complex of the Body of Christ.

The exhibition that opens on Friday is part of the AMACI circuit for World Contemporary Day. On this occasion, a part of the permanent collection of Contemporary Art of the City of Montoro will be exposed to the public.

The opening evening will be attended by the artist: the Mayor of the City of Montoro Girolamo Giaquinto; the Councilor for Culture Raffaele Guariniello; Ernesto Forcellino, Professor of Philosophy; Gerardo Fiore, Director of Montorocontemporanea.

Days and times from 11 October to 9 November 2019:
from Wednesday to Saturday from 9.15 am to 1.45 pm and from 4.15 pm to 7.45 pm.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday closed.