25/31 January 2020

Museo Irpino and Provincial Library, together this year, double the commitment “not to forget” the Day of Remembrance, an international anniversary instituted by the UN to remember one of the most tragic moments in the history of the 1900s and all the victims of the Holocaust.

“The Days of Remembrance” is the title of the program that from Saturday 25 to 31 January 2020, at the two offices of the Irpino Museum and the Provincial Library of Avellino, will remind the city of one of the most bloody and touching events in the history of humanity, through an evocative calendar of meetings between reading, urban tour, music, thematic projections and historical narration.

Promoted by the Province of Avellino thanks to the cooperation between CoopCulture and Mediatech, the afternoon of Saturday 25th at 4pm will see us in the Children’s Library of Corso Europa – 256 with “Readings aloud” from the Illustrated Books to tell the story of the Shoah through the soothing power of the images , because it is still a phase of history too cruel for the little ones.

The historical narrative will continue with the “Museum on tour”, accompanying us along the urban route that from 4.45 pm, also on Saturdays, from Piazza della Libertà – Palazzo Ercolino, led by a specialized tourist guide, will lead us to the monumental complex Bourbon Prison in Avellino passing for the nerve points hit by the bombing of the capital of Irpinia in the long night in ’43.

The evening will end in the Red Room – Bourbon Prison with entrance from P. De Marsico, at 18, to attend the first screening of the calendar “The Cinema of Memory” with the vision of History of a book thief, convinced as we are that films help to tell those difficult years of history and “the events that must never happen again”.

In the week from 27 to 31 January 2020 “Il Cinema della Memoria” will continue with the week entirely dedicated to “the days that will not be forgotten” through the cycle of thematic projections reserved for high school children of the city that we will host every morning, at 9.00 am , between the Sala Penta of the Provincial Library and the Red Room of the Bourbon Prison with debates and moments of collective reflection at the end of each vision.
In the same days it will be possible to follow the thematic itinerary set up on the second floor in the display cases of the corridors of the Provincial Library and visit the photographic exhibition “Was im gedächtnis bleibt – What remains in memory” by the 4th A of the Scientific High School “P.S. Mancini “in Avellino with the Germanic Institute of A.C.I.T. Avellino and the Italian Philosophical Society, on display in the rooms of the ex Officine del Carbon Bourbon until 3 February 2020.

Finally, on Friday 31 January at 11 we will end in the Blue Room – Bourbon Prison with the appointment of “Liceo Musicale D’Aquino di Montella meets Terezin. The memory “in which notes full of sensitivity in memory of the Shoah, played by an orchestra of thirty students, will be the background for images and videos awarded in the II edition of the regional competition dedicated to the Holocaust at the Real Site of Carditello in the province of Caserta.

The “Days of Remembrance” program is an additional opportunity to get to know history up close, raise awareness of the whole community on an issue that is still too current and reaffirm the role of culture and beauty in fighting any form of violence and discrimination.

Saturday 25 January 2020
Children’s Library

“Read aloud” to tell the Shoah to the boys
by the Boys and Mediatech Library

4.45 pm
Museum on tour – The city of ’43

From Piazza della Libertà – Palazzo Ercolino to the monumental complex Bourbon prison, passing through the nerve centers of the Irpinia capital hit by the bombings in the long night of ’43.

curated by the Irpino Museum and CoopCulture
with the specialized tourist guide of Matilde Ercolino

Meeting point: Piazza della Libertà in front of Palazzo Ercolino
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Free participation

Red Room – Bourbon Prison monumental complex
“The cinema of memory”

When movies help not to forget
Screening of the film “Story of a book thief”
by the Provincial Media Library

From 27 to 30 January 2020
9.00 am
Sala Penta – Provincial Library
Red Room – Bourbon Prison
“The cinema of memory”

When movies help not to forget
Thematic projections for the city’s high schools
by the Provincial Media Library and Mediatech

Friday 31 January 2020
11.00 am
Blue Room – Bourbon Prison

“The Liceo Musicale D’Aquino di Montella meets Terezin. The memory”
Projection of the video awarded by the regional competition “The sound of memory” accompanied by an orchestra of thirty students with notes by the musicians interned in the concentration camps