Thursday 21 July 2022
Courtyard of the Monumental Complex Bourbon Prison Roars of freedom

Love and death in lu tiempo de li briganti
Cine-theatrical show written by Paola Apuzza and Maurizio Merolla

The rich Library and Museum Summer edition program comes alive with a special event dedicated to theater and books.
On Thursday 21 July at 8.00 pm in the courtyard of the Monumental Complex of the Bourbon Prison the cine-theatrical show written by Paola Apuzza and Maurizio Merolla will be staged in preview “Ruggiti di liberty. Love and death in lu tiempo de li briganti “. The event promoted by the Province of Avellino, organized by the Irpino Museum and the Provincial Library “S.e G. Capone”, is organized by the “Compagnia Teatro degli Eventi” directed by Maurizio Merolla. It is a drama in costume, inspired by the historical story of the Brigante Antonio Manfra and his Brigantessa Mariannina della Bella back in 1865. In a succession of live scenes, set up in a “film set” style, the plot is
it will develop under the eyes of the public, made a living frame of the scenes, without a stage and distance from the actors. Emotions and sensations of true identification will catapult the spectators into history, leaving the images and frames of a compelling page of Southern history vibrating on their backs and eyes.
For over twenty years, the Compagnia Teatro degli Eventi has been the protagonist of exclusive theatrical events of historical and cultural re-enactment in pure cinematographic style, using the same historical environments as privileged locations where the events narrated in the representation actually take place. A theater of research and experimentation that is always original and innovative, with a strong cultural and tourist impact. True promoter for the enhancement of cultural heritage and the territory.
The event is part of the wide summer sculptural offer promoted by the Provincial Authority, led by the President Rizieri Buonopane, with the Technical-Scientific Coordination of the Irpino Museum and the S. and G. Capone Provincial Library for the enhancement of the historical-architectural heritage of the Province itself.

Free admission subject to availability

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