The Irpino Museum dedicates one day to all aspects of love with three special activities.

It begins with a thematic visit through the collections of the Museum that will start from the poignant and romantic love story between Giuseppina Mascilli and Michele Pironti at the time of the Risorgimento to arrive at Love for the Fatherland (and for the father) that pushed the young Giuseppe Marchetti to take part in the Expedition of the Thousand at just 11 years old. Then, taking a step back of almost 5000 years, you will arrive at the Tribe Chief of a distant Copper Age village and his faithful dog who accompanied him until after his death. From here we will move on to Love for ourselves, for the Art and Science of painters and scientists who lived in the 1800s who through their works and discoveries contributed to the cultural growth of society.

At the end of the visit it will be possible, for those who want to, to take a photo by themselves, as a couple or anyone who wants in a photographic corner set up for the occasion and before leaving … a “sweet” gift from the Museum!

The activities are completely free.

Reservation is recommended.

Info & reservations:
Irpino Museum

tel. 0825 790733/539