Irpino Museum, a multimedia museum


Application for mobile devices

You will find:

  • Augmented reality
  • Interactive prison exploration game in the 1980s
  • Virtual tour with 360 degree photos
PRISON GAME is a Metoda spa project for the Province of Avellino

Visit to the Museum in augmented reality

Prison Game

The game shows us a 360 ° photo of an internal courtyard of the Bourbon Prison. With the touch, the user can rotate his view within the environment where a “temporal portal” is placed that shows the scene from the same point of view but in a different historical era. At this point the application allows you to change the view of the visitor and their position using two special joysticks.
Free to move, the visitor can explore the surrounding environment and interact with it. Placeholders placed in specific places suggest the actions to be taken to acquire information on the place and time where it is located. Approaching the placemark the player is invited with a message to take an action to continue. The operation performed can allow access to information or cause various “physical” effects such as opening a door.
Once the game has been completed, the 360 ​​° virtual tour of the museums of the IRpino Museum will be visited.

Audio guides

Audio guides “Storie Sonore”
Storie Sonore is an integrated narrative system, created to offer the public an innovative and engaging experience.

Not a classic audio guide but a modern instrument to accompany the visit focused on listening and interaction, through suggestive audio-stories that see the historical characters as protagonists in first person.
Their narrative voices lead to a multimodal tour inside the environments, during which personal events are intertwined with the story telling and space exploration.

A multi-channel experience

The contents are available through smartphones, touch screens, QR codes and panels placed inside the rooms. Thanks to the integration of multiple technologies, the system allows you to listen, observe and interact during the visit but also, before or after it, by browsing the web platform, which contains additional supplementary content.

Storie Sonore is a project created for the Province of Avellino by Coopculture and Mediateur