A journey through the Middle earth

The new section of Museo Irpino, Irpinia – Memory and evolution, the beating heart of the entire museographic project of the Bourbon Prison, is a guide to the historical and cultural evolution of the unexplored Irpinia. The exposition starts from the desire to collect, recognize, share and communicate the different souls of a “middle earth”, a meeting point between two seas, between losers and winners, heroes and merchants, warriors and farmers.
The exhibition itinerary should be understood as a journey that summarizes the peculiarities of the historical events of this passage land, between productive and favourable areas, the plains of Campania and Apulia, represented in their coherence as evidence of the constant human presence over thousands of years.
A 3,000-year-old bronze pendant, the first anthropomorphic representation found in Irpinia, fragments of engraved prehistoric pottery, wooden statuettes from the lake of Mefite, a circular marble altar from the forum of the Roman city of Abellinum, a Byzantine gold coin, and other objects: they all mark the most significant stages in the history of Irpinia, as a place of settlements and human presence in Prehistoric, Protohistoric and Historic periods.
These objects, coming from different excavation sites and from the Zigarelli collection, interact with the multimedia educational installations, such as the reconstruction of the tribal chief’s tomb of the necropolis of Madonna delle Grazie, the touch screen dedicated to the castles or to food and wine excellences of Irpinia; you can also find installations that have a strong emotional impact such as “I wilderness: racconti di una terra”, and are very fascinating, like the description of the impervious Ansanto valley and the cult of the Mefite.